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HD Video Production
Video Production Services throughout America

Video production for lawyers:

All videos produced by thinkAlchemy are filmed in HD, widescreen format and have the following features:
  • Widescreen HD format ensures the best possible resolution. Using techniques from the motion picture industry, color correction and specialized filters can help achieve cinematic looks….imagine producing a video with the look of a CSI episode.  This can be accomplished utilizing Package C, which allows for more edit time and production focus. In this package, great attention is given to creating a unique look with higher-impact visual effects.
  • ALL Videos feature embedded METATAGS and keywords carefully selected to increase:  a) search engine rankings, b) relativity to search phrases used and c) to increase popularity on video hosting sites. This process is vital to ensure that the client’s content is easily found online.

The Process:

  • Client’s video order is produced from a “storyboard” to ensure that we produce the video to client specifications. After client has signed a contract with thinkAlchemy our production department sends via email or fax a storyboard sheet for the client to fill out, this becomes the video shoot script.  This ensures that the client and the production team is clear on exactly what is desired before shooting and editing.
  • One client revision is included. This means thinkAlchemy produces the video consistent with the client-signed off storyboard.  After that, if the client requires ONE revision, it is done at no charge.  Additional revisions are quoted at $175/hour editing time. This clause is included in order to ensure that clients who are indecisive or not really committed to the project are aware that indefinite timelines cost more. (Example: we produce a video and the client comes back and says “I want more of this, less of that.”  Figure on an additional 2-3 hours production time.  It is imperative to remember that the storyboard is the order form from the client. If the client changes his/her mind after the fact, video production cycle time may take additional weeks).
  • One location shoot is included…we can indeed film at multiple locations for an extra charge but we will work with client to find the most affordable method to acquire the footage we need.
  • Additional footage needs based on client input will be discussed and cleared with client prior to production.

The Video Structure:

  • The core goal of the video is to a) produce a “call to action” and to b) promote confidence in the client for the customer;
  • The video will feature a brief tagline, an intro, and talking head (or voiceover) commentary to convey the message;
  • While the voice plays in the background, the viewer sees footage related to the client’s background, success, and reputation which can include anything from miscellaneous shots of the client at his place of business to courtroom clips, legal library clips, etc. Think political ads…the client meeting with associates in his impressive legal library, or alternatively, like the commercials you see for Allstate.
  • Scripting and storyline assistance is included and is done by award-winning cinematographers and motion picture script advisors;

Additional Items:

  • We realize attorneys are not filmmakers.  For this reason, our production consultation services are included free of charge.  We will help develop the storyline to produce professional, broadcast quality productions. Our goal is to produce the best piece possible on the first run through.
  • Not comfortable working from a script?  We can provide a teleprompter at a nominal surcharge of $700.00
  • If the client is not comfortable speaking on camera, we can substitute a voiceovers specialist for a nominal surcharge of $500.00 We strongly recommend using a voiceover instead of hiring talent, as talent costs can easily double costs.
  • Looking to create something really spectacular?  Fully customizable videos with extra location shoots, more visual effects and music can be produced for as little as $6,500.00
  • Want your videos on Podcast?  Podcasts are great ways to share content with IPhone users, IPod users or to drive additional traffic organically.
  • We setup an account for each client, configure and load the video to a Podcast setup and provide the thumbnail image.  From here, the client can load lectures or other video content. One time fee of $999.00