Michael Glock Ph.D.CEO & Chief Visionary Officer

One of the few new (3.0) media firms managed and run by Ph.D!

Michael believes in the power of ideas and the generation of emotional impact that can only be achieved by getting into the depths of people’s psyches. Having vision, being a futurist, and designing for it, is Michael’s specific creative and tactical advantage.

Michael is a member of the World Future Society and The International Association for Jungian Studies (in the United Kingdom). He has been interviewed as a change agent and visionary in broadcast media worldwide and has been published in over 200 magazines, newspapers and other media. As a visionary futurist and artist, his work has been exhibited in New Zealand, the United States, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Michael has expertise in all aspects of brand engineering, identity development, online advertising and marketing initiatives, from strategy and conceptualization to the tactical implementation of marketing and promotions across all media. An entrepreneur at heart, he owned and operated three integrated companies in New Zealand before the age of 30 in the areas of design, manufacturing and retail (GlockZone, GlockSpace and Design Design).

Michael worked as Creative Director for AccessMedia and Intelligent Media, in the 1990’s bringing to public consciousness what would become mobile computing and the internet as we know it today. He is proficient in cutting-edge digital communication and artistic tools to help advance his clients in the advertising and marketing field.

Michael's recent clients range from Toyota, GM, Dell, to MetLife, Security First Group, to companies in healthcare, real estate, insurance, and financial services.

Michael is the author of Raisin Bread Toast, a published (2004) memoir depicting a young boy’s rites-of-passage in the 1950’s and 1960’s in New Zealand. Two additional books are currently being written, a political eco-allegory, and a metaphoric cultural-psychoanalytic exploration of America’s imminent future. As a Ph.D., Michael has written a doctoral dissertation that explores how the unconscious within significant cultural events informs the future. The focus of the dissertation was the development of practical methodologies that produce new approaches to scenario based planning. These tools have been designed to amplify and add to the current methodologies in use by futurists. These new approaches will lead Dr. Glock, inexorably towards the development of a philosophy of futuristics (cultural futuristics), that will advance the precision of predictions and generate greater accuracy in cultural forecasting. The implications of this research will impact every level of society, from national security to think tanks, government and business.

Michael Glock can be reached at via Email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or at the office 310 577-2380.

Follow his thoughts on Twitter and on the thinkalchemyblog.