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Some of thinkAlchem't Press Release ChannelsDistributing Press Releases Is A Top Search Engine Marketing Submission Tool - Get Listed In Google, Yahoo and Bing

The PR Newswire network allows your press release to be accessed by nearly 80,000 journalists and distribution to approximately 4000+ web sites including Yahoo News, Google News, CBS Marketwatch, MSNBC, ABC News,, and AOL. Depending on your budget, we offer a wide range of pricing and distribution options to suit your needs. Search Engine Optimization is a vital if your website is to rank on the first pages of the search engines. One element of the matrix thinkAlchemy suggests companies use is the press release. SEO is a very important component that allows websites to gain presence in the editorial results of the search engines, even if it's not a direct presence for your actual domain.

Traditional press releases sense reach out to journalists, the journalist works for a publication, and the publication publishes the article. The article is seen by a reader and they call someone within your company for comment. Press releases in digital form can do all of that, plus a lot more. thinkAlchemy has made many adjustments to the traditional press release in order to produce the best search engine optimization results.

thinkAlchemy's interactive press releases are crafted to include important details in order to create synergies within other marketing efforts:

Step 1: We write for the editors as well as the search engines.

  • Headline: A catchy headline. We include severla relevant keyword phrases that people would search for.
  • Copy: We focus on more keyword phrases within the first paragraph.
  • Linking: Our press releases include keyword-rich anchor text in the links. These links are directed to specific URLs within your Web site or landing page, they have a title tag, header tag, and content that supports the same keyword phrase(s). There's great SEO value in having links on other Web sites linking to you, using keywords that you'd like to rank for within the anchor text of the link.
  • Tags: We tag your press release with keywords phrases.

Step 2: Our focus is distribution

  • Chose a package: A, B, or C. With or without video.
  • If pictures speak a thousand words, imagine what video will do! Streaming video is now included in our Package B, and C,  We upload up to a two minute video to showcase your company‚Äôs product or service. Readers can view the video right within the press release or at full screen. Take advantage of streaming video and add another dimension to your press release.
  • Release by region
  • Add Industry categories
  • RSS feeds. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and is an XML-based format for sharing and distributing Web content, such as news headlines. Using an RSS reader, you can view news headlines, summaries, links to full stories from thinkAlchemy's pres releases.
  • Social networking sites
  • Directories