Privacy Policy
The partners of thinkAlchemy LLC.,  understand how important personal privacy is to our existing and potential clients. This Statement describes our policies and practices concerning information we gather through our Web site.

When you navigate, we do not collect personal information, unless you send us an inquiry via our online forms or send us an e-mail message. We do however gather statistical nformation about the usage of our Web site, such as the geographic location of our site visitors and domain IP addresses (indentification numbers assigned to servers or computers used to access the Internet), in order to observe how our Web site is used and how it may be streamlined, additionally we monitor in order to ongoingly maintain site security.

In the event you communicate with thinkAlchemy LLC., via a e-mail message or via one of our online forms, the information you send (including your e-mail address and other identifying information in the message header) will be forwarded to the appropriate personal within thinkAlchemy. LLC. We use the information to respond to your questions or requests. In addition we maintain records of our communications to you, the user. We may or may not retain the communication chain you send us for reference in connection with current or future inquiries, for internal administrative purposes (including data backup) and, in some instances, to fulfill legal requirements.

thinkALchemy LLC., does not make your e-mail address or any other information you furnish by e-mail or through our Web Site available to companies or persons not affiliated thinkAlchemy LLC.,

E-mail messages sent to thinkAlchemy LLC., through the Internet, including inquiries sent through our Web site, are not encrypted (encoded). Internet e-mail messages pass through many nodes and internet backbones and are therefore not secure, we recommend that you not use unencrypted Internet e-mail to send us confidential information.

thinkAlchemy LLC., may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make any material change to this Statement or in how we use your personally identifiable information, we will replace the existing privacy policy on

The above information represents the thinkAlchemy LLC., policies effective March 30,  2009. These Privacy Policies apply to thinkAlchemy's LLC., web surfers, thinkAlchemy LLC.,  reserve the right to change them, along with any related provisions, at any time.

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