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As a 2.0 forerunner in search engine optimization and law firm marketing, thinkAlchemy is proud to offer three custom solutions to help law professionals succeed in the online marketplace.  As competition becomes fiercer across all law specialties, firms and lawyers that have a strong online presence can attract new clients and prospects with ease.  If you’re finding it difficult to attract new prospects and clients via the Internet, your search engine rankings and website could be to blame.

thinkAlchemy is different from many online marketing agencies because of our unique "Geo Practice Marketing" approach; this allows us to prevent your competition from registering a geographic area or practice specialty, so you can get more clients and more leads directly from the search engines.

thinkAlchemy targets the most responsive demographic markets based on specific practice areas, and helps your firm’s website achieve higher organic rankings on the major search engines.  Why is this important? When a potential client or prospect types in your specialty (e.g. personal injury lawyer) plus their location in Google, Yahoo! and other major search engines, the results can be dozens of pages long.  If there are 14 million results for their search, you need to show up on at least the first page to get any type of attention from the prospect.

thinkAlchemy has found that the best way to achieve higher search engine placement is to focus on highly targeted keywords.  We create a list of keywords that you need to be ranking high for, and then arrange your site with the right configurations to help search engines find your pages after those keywords are entered into the search boxes. In order for your site to be ranked high, you must have a significant amount of high quality, original content within your site, as well as metatags, keywords, and other technical configurations fine-tuned throughout the website.

thinkAlchemy can handle all of these areas for you, so you can focus on what you do best – working with your clients.

All thinkAlchemy OSEO projects are based upon 12 month contracts.

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