Brand Engineering Overview

World-class brands stimulate loyalty and capture market share by influencing and transforming customer behavior.

thinkAlchemy’s first priority is to creatively fashion an intriguing brand story and promise. Our innovative, imaginative, and meaningful brand storytelling translates into confident, inspiring marketing solutions. All presented simply and with tactical and actionable results.

We are inspired to get into people’s psyches.

Add the science behind building brand equity and mix this up with an intense grasp of semiotics (the study of signs and symbols). Add strategic brand marketing iniatives and innovative consultancy with a mission to rapidly and ecologically grow our clients business and – voila! You have thinkAlchemy™.

Our teams are interdisciplinary with equal emphasis placed on strategy and sociology, psychology and design, research and technology, all fused together to change the way our client’s products are read, seen, felt and used.


We ignite results through digging deep into the unconscious motivating factors that drive consumers, communities, employees and culture. We call this DepthDesigning™.

We deal in emotional experiences (it is the new currency), great brands are built on them. Emotional experiences are what people connect with and what thinkAlchemy’s work is all about.

New market developments require ecological and environmental practices.

thinkAlchemy™, the agency for growing business, has a strong philosophy of creating harmony with the planet. As responsible designers, thinkAlchemy inspires clients to be green as well. Wherever we can, we specify 100% post consumer waste papers, materials manufactured from bamboo or other renewable sources, paper processed without chemicals, and printing completed with soy-based inks.

As a multi-disciplinary team we consult our clients of the social and cultural impact of brands. We inspire our clients to evaluate its broad influence and review the political, spiritual, financial and cultural impression that their brand makes.

thinkAlchemy™ is a designing firm where we reveal depth and heartfelt meanings, where the consumer bonds with a product or service and builds desire. Our design is refreshingly relevant, emotive, and to the point. Our work resonates with consumers because it incorporates the psyche of culture and influences how brands touch lives.

Our unique designing philosophy is applied to all facets of business including brand identity, products, messages, and environments.

At thinkAlchemy™, we challenge the existing paradigms.

At thinkAlchemy™, we know that businesses need to do more than just keep up with the pace, they need to anticipate and be ahead of it. We understand the zeitgeist of the times to come. Having cultural vision, an understanding of what is going to occur in the near future, and designing for it is the specific advantage of thinkAlchemy™. With AlchemyFuturistics™, we go beyond a single field, we combine technological research, global perspectives, and a mind-full attitude with real world practicality

We combine the technological data-gathering expertise of LnxResearch with high-level Information Design, and PhD-level Scenario Planning to create research reports that give businesses the future-planning resources required to succeed.

We are more than strategic thinkers and designers, we are cultural change agents. Our teams are interdisciplinary with equal emphasis placed on strategy and sociology, psychology and the science of signs (semiotics), research and technology, all fused together to create immediate results. ThinkAlchemy™ deciphers and assuredly assists companies in facing the ever-changing marketplace with market research, brand stories, services, and products that are exquisitely fit for the times ahead. Contact Us for more information 310-577-2380